MPOA Election of Directors

The MPOA Board is comprised of community volunteers elected by fellow residents to their position.  There are currently five elected Directors of the MPOA Board. Each serves two years and may run again following the end of their term. Elections are held in January with each household having one vote. Prior to an election, notification is sent to all residents of the election and the number of positions up for reelection (based on term expiration). There are instructions included for residents interested in running for a Board position.  If multiple candidates, a “Meet the Candidates” night is scheduled. If running unopposed, no event is planned.  Once elected in January, the Board then elects a President, Vice President, Treasurer (or Financial Director), Corporate Secretary and Director-at-Large.  All meetings of the MPOA Board are open to the Waterlefe homeowners.  Meeting schedules, Agendas and Minutes are posted on the MPOA website. 

Covenant Enforcement Committee Liaison, Compliance Liaison | Term Ends 2023
V.P. / Treasurer
Bob Griswold
DRB Liaison, Finance Chair, Association Management Liaison | Term Ends 2023
Director at Large, Communications & Human Resource
Jodi Carroll
Activities Committee Liaison, Strategic Planning Committee Chair, HR/Comms Liaison | Term Ends 2024
Director at Large, River Club
Jeff Brand
Capital Project Committee Chair, River Club Committee Chair, River Club Liaison | Term Ends 2024
Corporate Secretary
Dyana Eborn-Young
Covenant Team Liaison, Cable TV/Internet Committee Liaison, Sub-Association Liaison | Term Ends 2024