Vision Statement

We will make Waterlefe Golf & River Club the premier golfing and boating community in Florida's Central Gulf Coast by promoting our outstanding lfestyle as an ideal community for any family, adn continually seeking ways to grow homeowner satisfaction.

Mission Statement

We will protext and improve the value of our Waterlefe community, and promote homeowner value through a strong Homeowner Association that supports an active CDD that maintains our golf course, streets, and public areas, while encouraging homeowners to maintain and enhance their properties.


December Board of Directors Meeting

The December Board of Directors meeting was held on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 at 2:00 PM. Homeowners had the opportunity to view the presentation and Board members during the virtual meeting, as well as submit questions to the MPOA via the YouTube live stream. Your Board of Directors encourages you to attend a meeting in person for future meetings. Seating is available and you may register to make a homeowner comment upon arrival. To view the Board Report, Click Here.


New Member Onboarding Documents

The MPOA Board of Directors has approved the New Member Onboarding documents. These documents serve as a resource to new homeowners to quickly assimilate into life in Waterlefe. Each document covers a different area of interest to assist in this transition. The New Member Registration Packet includes all the essential forms for the Association Management office to quickly get new members established in administrative systems. The Community Guide features key information about all amenities, properties, and opportunities within the Waterlefe Community. The Guide to HOAs is a resource booklet that provides information on the definition and different aspects of living in a Homeowners' Association.



Annual Meeting Summary

On Monday, January 25, 2021 we hosted the MPOA Annual Meeting to review Association performance and accomplishments over 2020. We heard presentations from the Board of Directors about their areas of responsibility, including communications, finances, committees, and design review. 

An important component of this year’s meeting was the election of two Director seats as well as a vote on an amendment to the way that the association counts votes on proposed changes to our covenants. We are pleased to announce the re-election of Bob Griswold and John Valletta to the 2021 Board of Directors.

Unfortunately, Amendment 18 revisions did not pass. See results below:

336 cast “YES” votes
12 cast “NO” votes
269 non-cast “NO” votes

As originally written, Amendment 18 requires not less than 2/3 of all voting members to vote affirmatively in order to pass an amendment to the Declaration and all non-cast votes are counted as “No”.  This means 412 “Yes” votes are required to pass any proposed amendment. As you can see above,  affirmative votes were short by 76 votes.  You can also see that of those that participated in the vote, almost all voted to pass the amendment.  Ironically, if the proposed language were in effect, the amendment would have passed.

We are extremely thankful to all the homeowners that participated in the Annual Meeting in person and by proxy.  A special thank you goes out to so many of you that served as Street Captains and Volunteers in an effort to educate the community on the importance voting. The MPOA seeks to emphasize the importance of active community engagement as we continue to bring awareness to Amendment 18. 
Click here to learn more.  

You can view the annual meeting in its entirety below. 

2021 Annual Meeting Video


Board of Directors

The MPOA Board of Directors is the elected body of Waterlefe homeowners that serve as the decisionmakers for all Association actions. Board Members are elected for a two year term in which they serve the community through committee liasionships to make significant and positive changes to the Waterlefe community. For information about the current Board of Directors and upcoming Board Meetings, click the link below.

Board of Directors

Meet the Staff

The MPOA Management Staff are employed by the Board of Directors to manage, maintain, and improve the operations of the Waterlefe Community. Staff responsibilities cover financial services, property management, communications, facilities management, and administrative services. To contact the MPOA Management Staff, click the link below.

MPOA Management Staff

Association Committees

The MPOA Board of Directors leads the Waterlefe community through ten homeowner-represented committees. These committees are open to members of the community 

Administrative Services

Facilities Maintenance
Provide routine upkeep and maintenance of all facilities within the community. Provide service and complete work orders for residences as needed according to Waterlefe governing documents.

Human Resources
Provide all human resource functions for the association and its staff members.

New Member Onboarding
Coordinate a thorough and comprehensive onboarding process for all incoming residents to the community.

Procurement and Management of Insurance
Facilitate the contracting and continued coverage of a community wide insurance policy with appropriate coverage of Waterlefe MPOA assets.

Records Maintenance
Maintain detailed owner information to ensure up-to-date owner information for each property for purposes of billing, violation notices, or any other general correspondence. Maintain Association records and files and perform all other administrative functions necessary for efficient Association management.
*Note: Any homeowner looking to request official MPOA records should follow the information and instructions outlined here


Community Association Management

Architectural Control
Facilitate approval process of all exterior renovations, additions, or other modifications subject to architectural review according to the Application for Residential Change.

Community Inspections
Perform regular inspections of properties to ensure compliance with deed restrictions and Waterlefe covenants. Prepare and send violations notices as necessary.

Ensure the MPOA is compliant with Waterlefe governing documents and the Florida Statutes.

Meeting Planning
Prepare agendas, meeting materials and all other documents necessary for presentation at regular or special meetings of the Master Association and Sub Associations.

Vendor Contracting, Coordinating, Management of Services
Serve as point of contact for all contracted services to ensure all services provided are satisfactory and according to contractual obligations.

Sub-Association Management
Manage the operations and official functions of all sub-associations within the community, including but not limited to: recording minutes, leading meetings, complying with covenants, and providing administrative support.


Financial Services

Accounts Payable
Disburse payables as approved by the Waterlefe MPOA Board of Directors.

Assessment Collection
Prepare invoices for annual association assessments, dues, fines, or other amounts due to the Association. Track collections and follow-up with delinquent notices as needed.

Audits, Asset & Reserve Management
Provide supporting schedules and accurate accounting records to ensure the efficient and timely completion of the annual audits and reviews.

Coordinate the preparation of the MPOA’s annual maintenance budget and monitor disbursements/expense payments.

Financial Statements
Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.

Tax Preparation
Coordinate the preparation and filing of federal income taxes.

Title Company Correspondence
Provide amounts of outstanding dues, assessments, or liens and provide estoppel information to title companies for individual lot closings.