The Sound at Waterlefe Condominium Association is comprised of eight paired estates homes overlooking the Manatee River at the end of Fish Hook Cove.  This condo association includes exterior maintenance, property insurance, flood insurance and association management services.

2023 Amended Budget

The Sound Waves
July 2023
We hope you are having a great summer!  We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Sound Waves, an informational newsletter that will be sent periodically to the Sound residents. 
On Monday, June 12th, the Board of Directors approved the amended budget that was mailed to all homeowners.  The Board determined that it was their fiduciary duty to evaluate this increase considering rising insurance premiums, inflation, and the necessity to make plans for future financing of roof replacements.  The budget will be reevaluated by the board for 2024, but they do not anticipate another increase at this time. 
                Termite inspections are scheduled for all buildings on Tuesday, July 6th.  We received notice from the Association Management office that drywood termites have been detected at the River Club.  There is not a prevention for this type of termite, but as a precautionary measure the Board has decided to install a preventative for subterranean termites which are far more destructive.  The cost for this service would be an initial treatment of $7,110 and an annual maintenance fee of $1,065. 
HL Law Group has been retained to file an appeal against the insurance company's claim denial.  The next step in the process for HL Law Group is to have their engineers inspect the roofs, send a notice of intent to repair to the insurance company, and then send a final demand letter.  The Board is awaiting an update and will inform everyone once there is more information.  A chimney leak and roof leak were reported to the Board and recently repaired.  The Board plans to mitigate all leaks while waiting for the roof litigation.  Please monitor your homes closely for any signs of a roof leak. 
Dryer vent cleaning is not only important for the functionality of doing your laundry, but also a building safety concern.  To ensure that everyone is having a yearly cleaning, the Board would like to offer an annual cleaning service for $119 per homeowner.  This would be the individual owner’s responsibility to pay, but the management office will help facilitate the scheduling.  The cleaning includes the interior and exterior vents.  Please contact the management office if you would like to participate via email at or phone at 941-200-4407.
We have heard interest of having a block party in the Fall.  If anyone is interested in planning, please let us know!
Thank you all for your participation and commentary. 


The Sound Board of Directors consists of four homeowners from within the Sound Association that serve multi-year terms to bring leadership and decision-making to the Sound.

As an additional resource to existing and potential Sound Association residents, the MPOA has compiled a Frequently Asked Questions document to help answer some of the most important and commonly asked questions. To view this resource, click the link below.

Sound Association FAQ


Similar to the entire Waterlefe Community, The Sound Association operates under an official Declaration of Covenants that serves to guide the lifestyle residents enjoy. To read through the official Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements, click the button below.

Declaration of Covenants

The Sound at Waterlefe
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Sound Member Documents
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